Tipton Masonic Lodge No. 33
1307 Smith Street
Logansport, Indiana 46947

TIPTON LODGE  WILL CONDUCT THEIR REGULAR STATED MEETING ON JUNE 2nd, 2021.  Dinner will be at 6:00 PM.  Lodge opens at 7:00 PM.



December 15, 2018

Friends and Brethren

This is my sixth year as Secretary and the last three years have been very enjoyable. We have a very enthusiastic group of Officers. All of them are new to the chair that they are holding and I believe that they will do a GREAT job. Several of them were just raised to a Master Mason this year (2018). It is thrilling to see new members step up and get involved.
This year would be a great year to get your Son, Grandson, Great Grandson, relative, neighbor or friend that you would believe to be a person of good moral stature and wanting to become a better man. Lets get them started on a fantastic journey of a lifetime. Contact anyone on this web page that is showing an email address or a phone number and lets make him a member of the Largest, Oldest and Greatest Fraternity in the world.

Thank You For Your Support

Mike Linkenhoker P.M.
Secretary, Tipton Lodge #33
P.O. Box 331, Logansport, IN 46947
dm_link@ yahoo.com

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